Safend Reporter

Identify common security breaches, fast

Part of our Safend Data Protection Suite

See the patterns that mean trouble

Knowing when your data has been accessed by removable storage devices and wireless ports is important. Wave’s Safend Reporter does that. But it also gives you the analysis you need to make sense of these incidents. It lets you chunk or chop up the information in a variety of ways, making it far more likely that you’ll see suspicious anomalies and patterns of behavior—such as individuals or departments that routinely flout security policies. And it does it in a clear graphical format that you don’t have to be an IT pro to understand.

Compliance can be as easy as clicking “print”

The need to comply with SOX, HIPAA, PCI, notice of breach, FISMA, BASEL II, UK Data Protection Act, and other regulations means reporting is no longer optional. With Safend Reporter’s comprehensive, scheduled reports, you can be sure that you’re covered. Demonstrating compliance can be as easy as printing out a single page showing that all your machines were encrypted on a certain date.

Buy it once: it works with every Safend module

Our competitors sell different reporting modules for each of their products. Call it genius or common sense, but we designed Safend Reporter to work equally well with every Safend module. Add as many as you like as your security needs evolve—you won’t need more reporting software. And it’s only $5 a seat (or less) to begin with.

Key Features: 

Easy security compliance

  • Runs graphical reports periodically and sends results via email to predefined recipients
  • Continuous tracking of security status
  • Reports can be packaged to PDF or XLS for further distribution and offline viewing

Data protection

  • Provides both a high-level overview and detailed information on endpoint encryption status
  • Shows security incidents by type, user, and organizational unit
  • Gives an overview of the most common security incidents
  • Identifies endpoints that do not have a valid policy applied to them
  • Generates a detailed list of all physical devices that were used within a defined time frame


  • The whole Safend line is based on the same agent, so if you start with one or two products and want to add another, all you need to do is apply the new license
  • Easy-to-understand dashboard format

No compromises

Unlike competing products, Reporter—and the rest of the Safend Data Protection Suite—was built entirely in-house, not with third-party components, for better usability and system stability

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