You paid for it, now make the most of it

We work hard to make our products easy to use. But setting them up to work optimally takes expertise that using them doesn’t. Remember, deployment isn't just about installation; it’s also about optimal configurations, custom flows and establishing new processes for day-to-day operations. So most of our customers use Wave Professional Services to one degree or another.

Our security and technical professionals average 10 years of experience and of course know our products intimately. They’ll make sure your new security solution is fully functional. Just for example, we’ve seen people accidentally set up every account with a generic password that users aren’t forced to change. Think about that … Small mistake, big problem.

Deployment takes time … Do you have it?

Let’s say you have every bit of the technical expertise you need to do it right. Do you have the time? Depending on the size of your organization, deployment can be a full-time job for a few days or a year. It requires project management, rigorous administrative processes, even salesmanship—you want buy-in from everyone in the organization. And then there’s the juggling.

Meanwhile, your IT staff still has day-to-day operations to attend to.

Wave can provide the temporary resources you need to get the thing done not only right, but also as quickly as possible.

Turn your staff into experts

We offer formal training, through courses, but your staff will also learn a great deal on the job during deployment, as they work side by side with the Wave team. Without a doubt, you’ll have less need for outside services down the road.

Service packages: How can we help?

If you don’t see exactly what you need among the six packages below, ask us about a custom package. We’ll be glad to put something together for you. For details about that or any of the packages, please contact us at


Quick Start Deployment

Basic planning, design, and configuration

Deployment of the Wave product portfolio: ERAS for SED, BitLocker, TPM Management, Wave Endpoint Monitor, Wave Protector, and Wave Encryptor.


DLP Quick Start

Required with purchase of Wave Inspector or Wave Discoverer

Deployment of all product components, including a project plan and design of the basic data loss prevention classifications and policies, extensive training sessions, and a pilot deployment of clients. We help you build efficient policy settings that reduce false positives.


Remote Optimization

The quickest way to maximize your security capabilities

We remotely connect to your server to fine-tune configuration and security policies, identify anomalies, and customize to suit your needs. We can also deliver this package on-site.


Migration to New Versions

Planning, testing, and implementation of upgrades

A full upgrade flow, including a site survey, planning, server upgrade, data migration, and training on the new version. We also perform a client deployment pilot. We ensure the safety of your existing information—policies, associations, logs, custom reports, and so on. And we build efficient policy settings that reduce false positives. All with minimal impact to ongoing business. Delivered on-site or remotely.



Basic, intermediate, or advanced

Want to reduce the cost of fixing configuration errors and fine-tuning? We offer training sessions for all of our products. All sessions include a certification exam and diploma. Delivered on-site or remotely.


Wave Product Implementation Project Management

Identify risks and rewards up front

Let us help you set up the governance processes that ensure careful assessment and planning. Among other things, we help you outline your security needs and assess your business case, define installation and maintenance objectives, and assign operational tasks. As a result, you’ll be able to mitigate potential risks and maximize rewards.