Wave provides automated turn-key management for Microsoft BitLocker encryption, which is suitable for organizations that have not yet phased SEDs into their computers, and that have Microsoft Enterprise Agreements or Software Assurance for Volume Licensing.

Set policies, with a click of a button, and monitor your security from a single console—dramatically simplifying your deployment by eliminating the need for specialized knowledge or costly systems.

You’ll spend less, now and later

Wave for BitLocker offers automated administration of the security chips (the Trusted Platform Modules, or TPMs) in your computers and other devices. It also stores recovery passwords in a separate encrypted database, so it’s virtually impossible for the wrong people to get at them. The right people leave an audit trail when they log in—proof of compliance.

Key Features: 


  • Compatible with Windows 8.1, 8, 7 and Vista operating systems – manage mixed environments from one console

Easy security compliance

  • Enforces consistent policy settings across BitLocker clients
  • The auditing and reporting functions give you proof that data is protected if a PC is lost or stolen
  • Reports on the state of BitLocker settings, keeping an active log of changes

Data protection

  • Centralized policy enforcement
  • Data can be recovered when a PC crashes
  • Secures BitLocker recovery passwords in an encrypted database
  • Remote discovery and activation of BitLocker client machines
  • Command line interface support for scripting large deployments
  • Full support for BitLocker in FIPS mode
  • Manage clients inside/outside firewall and non-domain machines


  • A single server and single-console architecture
  • Translated BitLocker commands are easy to use
  • A seamless migration path to self-encrypting drives
  • Remote activation of encryption without end-user involvement
  • Support for non-domain computers

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